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NCR December lecture: Melissa Latella

15 December 2021 - 13:00

From point clouds to vegetation  biomass for riparian mapping and river modelling

15 December 2021 | 13:00 – 13:50 | Microsoft Teams

NCR provides a montly podium for a special story. In this lecture dr. Erik Mosselman (Deltares / Delft University of Technology) hosts Melissa Latella (Politecnico di Torino), who visits The Netherlands as part of her final year of her PhD.

About the speaker

Melissa Latella is PhD researcher at the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering of Politecnico di Torino (Italy). She holds a double-degree MSc in environmental and land planning engineering from Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano. Melissa’s research concerns river and coastal ecomorphodynamics, focussing on the integration of remote sensing and field data to support modelling activities. She has recently worked on satellite imagery processing through Google Earth Engine in coastal areas, whilst she is now exploring LiDAR techniques for riparian studies. She is currently visiting Deltares as part of the final year of her PhD.

About the lecture

Riparian vegetation plays a key role in the morphodynamical evolution of river systems. Therefore, quantifying plants’ geometry and biomass is a crucial step for riparian management and understanding. When working at the river reach scale, field data alone may not exhaustively supply this kind of information, leaving space for new solutions to come. In this Lecture, Melissa Latella will talk about her PhD research on how integrating field and remote sensing data can enhance mapping riparian vegetation and support river modelling. In particular, she will describe the development of tools to analyse remotely sensed acquired georeferenced point clouds and their application to real case studies.

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