NCR is the leading cooperative alliance between all major Dutch institutes for river studies. We integrate knowledge, facilitate discussion and promote excellent science.

NCR Days

The NCR DAYS is an annual conference held by one of the NCR partners. The conference is open for anyone, but is generally populated by (young) researchers employed in the Netherlands and direct neighbours. This small-scale conference is characterised by a high-quality content and excellent networking opportunities. The first NCR DAYS were held in Lunteren in 1997 and has been held each year since then with a brief interlude in 2009.

*  (Partly) merged into Deltares in 2008
** Now known as Wageningen Environmental Research

Year   Organising Partner City
1997 Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (WL)* Lunteren
1998 WL* Delft
1999 WL* & RIZA*
2000 WL* & RIZA*
2001 RIZA* Wageningen
2002 RUN Nijmegen
2003 UNESCO-IHE Roermond
2004 Alterra** Wageningen
2005 TNO* Zwijndrecht
2006 University of Twente Enschede
2007 Rijkswaterstaat Oost Nederland RUN WL Oosterbeek
2008 Deltares Dalfsen
2009 Interlude, no NCR DAYS
2010 University of Utrecht Amsterdam
2011 Delft University of Technology Delft
2012 Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst Arnhem
2013 UNESCO-IHE Delft
2014 University of Twente Enschede
2015 RUN Nijmegen
2016 No NCR DAYS (Moved to Feb. 2017)
2017 Wageningen University Wageningen
2018 Deltares Delft
2019 Utrecht University Utrecht
2020 Rijkswaterstaat Nijmegen
2021 University of Twente Online version
2022 Delft University of Technology Delft (Hybrid)
2023 Radboud University Nijmegen Nijmegen
2024 Wageningen University & Research Wageningen
2025 Deltares t.b.d.