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NCR December Lecture

10 December 2020 - 13:00


Each month NCR provides a podium for a special story. The December Lecture will be given by Wouter Jan Klerk.

About the speaker

Wouter Jan is a civil engineer, specialized in flood defence asset management. He holds a MSc. in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology, and has been working at Deltares for the past 7 years. Three years ago he started a PhD research within the AllRisk project which aims to improve flood defence asset management in the context of the new risk-based safety standards for flood defences.

About the lecture

For the coming decades many large flood defence reinforcement projects are contemplated in order to ensure that the Dutch flood defences meet the new safety standards. However, the translation of safety standards to design of cross sections is not based on a system perspective.

In the dike reinforcement Streefkerk-Ameide-Fort Everdingen (SAFE) a method was developed to optimize flood defence investments at a system level. This change in design approach not only leads to a cheaper and more efficient design, but also provides opportunities for a more integrated approach to planning reinforcement projects.

In this lecture Wouter Jan Klerk will explain the foundations of the method, the approach and experiences in project SAFE and will discuss opportunities that could arise from adopting this approach on a broader scale.

How to participate

The lecture takes place online through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is available as an app on all major platforms, including as a web application. The lecture will start at 13:00. To join, use the following link on the day and time of the lecture: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

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