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Themadag Remote Sensing

29 March 2019 - 09:15


Remote-sensing toepassingen in het waterbeheer

On March 29, 2019, NCR organised a theme day on remote sensing in water management at Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht for more than 30 participants. A variety of actual and potential airborne and satellite remote sensing applications were addressed in the presentations such as general change detection, vegetation monitoring in streams and floodplains, soil moisture and inundation and water quality. The final presentation was on the implementation of remote sensing data in operational water management. The day was closed with a discussion on the current experience and demands of the audience related to remote sensing and a short demonstration of Google Earth Engine. We look back to a successful and inspiring day.

The presentations are now online. The language of the day was Dutch, hence some of the presentations are also in Dutch.


Innoveren met sattelietdata: ontwikkelingen en toepassingen
Mark Loos
Netherlands Space Office
Download (PDF, 13 MB)

Vlakdekkende beeldinformatie voor risicogestuurd maaien in kleine watergangen
Ellis Penning
Download (PDF, 7 MB)

Bird’s-eye view on floodplains: multitemporal drone images to classify vegetation types
Wimala van Iersel
Utrecht University
Download (PDF, 7 MB)

Gebruik van Google Earth Engine voor vegetatiemonitoring in het RWS rivierareaal
Stanford Wilson
Download (PDF, 1 MB)

Planetary-scale surface water detection from space for rivers: methods, tools and applications
Gennadii Donchyts
Download (Google Drive link)

Potential of microwave remote sensing for monitoring regional water systems
Rogier van der Velde
University of Twente
Download (PDF, 3 MB)

Remote sensing van waterkwaliteit
Suhyb Salama & Denie Augustijn
University of Twente
Download (PDF, 3 MB)

Landingsbaan van satelliettoepassingen in het operationeel waterbeheer van waterschappen
Hans van Leeuwen
Download (PDF, 10 MB)


Datum: 29 Maart 2019
Locatie: Rijkswaterstaat Westraven, Griffioenlaan 2,  Utrecht
Voertaal: Nederlands
Toegang: gratis

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