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Scientific publications

Promoted publications published in 2018 by NCR partners.

Klijn et al., Robust river systems: on assessing the sensitivity of embanked rivers to discharge uncertainties, exemplified for the Netherlands’ main rivers. Journal of Flood Risk Management

Denderen et al., Explaining artificial side channel dynamics using data analysis and model calculations. Geomorphology

Klijn et al., Room for rivers: risk reduction by enhancing the flood conveyance capacity of The Netherlands’ large rivers. Geosciences

Pedro Matos et al., Probabilistic prediction and forecast of daily suspended sediment concentration on the Upper Yangtze River, Journal of  Geophysical Research Earth surface

Juez et al., The origin of fine sediments determines the observations of suspended sediment fluxes under unsteady flow conditions, Water Resources Research

Schielen & Blom, A reduced complexity model of a gravel-sand river bifurcation: Equilibrium states and their stability, Advances in water resources

Kleinhans et al., Living landscapes: Muddy and vegetated floodplain effects on fluvial pattern in an incised river, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Quik & Wallinga, Reconstructing lateral migration rates in meandering systems – a novel Bayesian approach combining optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating and historical map, Earth surface dynamics

  Candel et al., Late Holocene channel pattern change from laterally stable to meandering – a palaeohydrological reconstruction, Earth surface dynamics

   den Haan et al., Understanding actor perspectives regarding challenges for integrated river basin management, International journal of River Basin Management

  Berends et al., Efficient uncertainty quantification for impact analysis of human interventions in rivers, Environmental Modelling & Software

Mosselman, Modelling in Applied Hydraulics: More Accurate in Decision-Making Than in Science?, Advances in Hydroinformatics

Bomers et al., Modelling effects of an asphalt road at a dike crest on dike cover erosion onset during wave overtopping, Natural Hazards

van der Deijl et al., Establishing a sediment budget in the newly created “Kleine Noordwaard” wetland area in the Rhine–Meuse delta, Earth Surf. Dynam.

 Le et al., On the stability of river bifurcations created by longitudinal training walls. Numerical investigation, Advances in water resources

Le et al., Long-term morphological developments of river channels separated by a longitudinal training wall, Advances in water resources

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