Vacancy: Understanding swash zone sand dynamics using detailed numerical models (PhD position)

The highly dynamic swash zone sand transport processes are not fully understood and no generally-valid numerical swash zone sand transport models are available. The Shaping The Beach projects aims to develop a new parameterisation for sand transport in the swash zone, through a combination of detailed wave flume experiments and advanced numerical modeling. In this project, the University of Twente is searching for a PhD candidate who will focus on understanding and modelling swash zone sand dynamics.

You can find the full text of the vacancy on the website of the University of Twente: link.

Vacancy: Lecturer in Hydraulic Engineering (1 fte)

The Water Science and Engineering Department of IHE-Delft intends to further strengthen the expertise in the field of Hydraulic Engineering by recruiting a Lecturer/researcher in Hydraulic Engineering. The new staff member will join the River Basin Development chair group that is focused onthe balance of key elements of a river basin such as water and sediment, which implies the interaction of these with climate, geomorphology, the biosphere and human made constructions. They seek a full time position for a lecturer with the ability to teach in the field of hydraulic engineering, more specifically basic and applied hydraulics, sediment transport and river engineering, hydraulic structures and hydropower.

You can find the full text of the vacancy on the website of IHE Delft: link.